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Best Dentist in U.S. Dr. Mickerin is a master of dentistry. I came with many, many issues. Nothing is too big or too small for Dr. Mickerin. I had everything taken care of under one roof. Root canals, implants, bone grafts and gum reconstruction with minimal pain.I felt comfortable and at ease. I flew 1200 mi after... More Details

 Isabella Tremper – Dec 24, 2023

A Two Legged Angel - Dental Jewelry

Have had several visits and all had great outcomes, including an implant...love these folks. My wife also goes here. They keep the bones in my mouth happy.
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Helpful Robert Arnold Kay PhD – Dec 13, 2023

Awesome Experience !!!

my wife and I recently visited Dental Excellence for our routine scheduled cleaning, x-rays, and dental examination. Our appointments were coordinated so that my wife and I each had our own dental hygienist to service us with no waiting along with our x-rays and dental exam Very friendly and knowledgeable staff our go to place for all of our dental needs. Thank you Dr. Mikerin and staff !!!!!

Don and Mikki   Oct 2023

Lex Knight: August 2021Facebook

I been around them and personally speaking I knew they were wonderful. Just recently had a problem need a root canal asap. They took the time to do it and it was a wonderful experience. Oh maybe an Excellence Experience.   Can’t praise them enough. Friendly, worked with my insurance co. and checked on me with a phone call. Nobody likes to go to the dentist, so if you need one why not go with the Greatest. Doc Mckerin and Company Dental Excellence.  Feador Center 776

Robert Lewis: Google June 10,2021

I had extensive work done. Almost my whole mouth in crowns and bridge work. All finished 2 weeks ahead for my birthday. This team was straight forward no nonsense but with passion for what they do. They were patient, comforting and most of all talented. My mouth is more than what I had hoped for my teeth are perfect. Thank you for the amazing job you did for me. The Dr his assistant and even the front desk where their to help move and cheer the process with us. So for me they deserve nothing but an A+ and knowledge that they deserve their title!!!

Steven Mann: Google  May 5,2021 

Best service anywhere! Work with you to make your schedule work! Outstanding team, wouldn't go anywhere else!


Kim - November 1st

Kim Jolly

Robin - October 1

I have veneers and I had them done Dental Excellence of Englewood is the best thing I have ever done I have never felt so good about the way I look I would feel if anyone is thinking about it this is definitely the place to go I highly recommend it

Phyllis - October 1


Maria - September 10

We finally found an excellent dentist. We moved from Boca Raton, FL. Dr. Alexei Mikerin and his team live up to their business name "Dental Excellence". The office was clean and tastefully furnished. The staff from the front desk to the clinical area are very professional, friendly, welcoming, and their smile and happiness was very uplifting. Dr. Mikerin's office is equipped with advanced technology. The dental techs are knowledgeable, professional and courteous. My dental hygenist was outstanding. She was gentle, compassionate, and very knowledgeable. It was such a pleasure meeting Dr. Mikerin and his team. Dr. Mikerin was personable and humble. Now I don't have to drag myself to my dental appointments, I would gladly be present.

Robin - September 8

Everyone is always asking me about my beautiful smile I didn't always have this beautiful smile I did this about three years ago and the dentist who made my smile so nice Dental Excellence of Englewood if anyone is ever thinking about doing something for themselves that will make them feel better about themselves and have a beautiful smile this is the place to do it. It is one of the best decisions I have ever made about myself I'm sorry I didn't do it years ago cuz it really did change the way I look at myself and the way I smile for pictures and change the way I feel about myself thank you so much doctor

Pascale  - September 8

This is my second time I need Major dental work besides your regular check up / cleaning ( which they have provided for me splendidly) and both times I have been so impressed with the professionalism , friendliness , cleanliness All around the best !! I can not be more pleased and comforted by this dentist and the entire staff !!
Soooo happy my friend Recommended this office years ago !!

Ann Cook - April 2019

The staff knows who I am and addresses me by name. Front office is very helpful at finding the most economical process for me... I'm not insured. Behind the front is staff that is knowledgeable and eager to find solutions. 

Lindsay Cornell

"The office is clean, front desk staff is super friendly and a pleasure to work with. The Dr. and staff are always continuing to keep up with training and furthering their education to stay on top of current dentistry. Nothing but great work! I travel far just to come to this office because it’s so worth it!"

Stephanie Goff -  February 2019

"The Best Dentist in Englewood. He is gentle and just wonderful , with an Amazing staff. Start to finish a wonderful experience."

Joyce Cornell - August 2019

Excellence certainly belongs in their name because that’s what you get from the moment you walk in the door, EXCELLENT CARE. This 80 year old, great-grandmother just got home from her first cleaning in 45 years. Yes, that’s right lol. It was done with care and efficiency with absolutely no pain. Prior to this visit, I had 3 molars extracted . I thought Dr. Mikerin had just taken the bridge off when in fact he had completely finished the procedure. He is absolutely wonderful. I will never be afraid of going to the dentist again. Also, if you don’t have insurance, don’t worry. They can help you.

Michael Meilach

"The entire staff is very helpful and friendly. Dr. Mikerin and Diane are super-special: as expert as they are gentle."

"I just had a root canal done at Dental Excellence. I was dreading it! I have had a few root canals done in the past that were not very pleasant. I have to say this was the most pleasant one I have ever experienced. The Dr and his assistant made sure I was comfortable and they did the root canal very fast and with out pain. I would highly recommend

Nath Lo

"Adorables. Toute l'équipe est d'une gentillesse et d'un professionnalisme extraordinaire. J'ai dû y aller pour réparer l'appareil orthodontique de ma fille normalement ils ne prennent pas les enfants mais ils ont bien voulu nous dépanner pour juste couper le fil métallique. Je les recommande à 100%. Thanks for all your were all so kindly so cute with my daughter"

Phil Wagoner

"I have recently had extensive dental work done at Dr. Mikerin's office. 

First, I would like to compliment the Doctor, he is kind, considerate, and the results of his work are superb. When I look at my smile, I think it could even be considered a work of art. My experience with the Doctor has always been truly painless!
His staff is personable, confident, and competent! The environment in the office is always positive with a lot of smiles to go around! Jerry went above and beyond while working with my insurance company. The Doctor's Staff has always made me feel comfortable and relaxed. Diane thank you for making me feel good about myself. 

I highly recommend Dental Excellence of Englewood."

Liz Hernandez

"I can't put in words how impressed I am with this dental office, but I'll try... the office staff is beyond wonderful. They are sweet and friendly and go out of their way to accommodate the patient. They make you feel important and even call to check on you the next day. The hygenist that dental assistant are top notch!! Dr. Mikerin is a miracle worker! He performed a root canal on me and I swear - not an ounce of pain or discomfort. Highly HIGHLY recommended."

Robin Schwartz-Spears

"Have been afraid of the dentist my whole life. My teeth were getting worse and i needed help. Luckily i found dental excellence of Englewood
Doc addressed my issues, took my fears away and they were plain free visits. Very pleased with results. An honest caring and professional dentist with a wonderful staff. Anyone looking for a dentist this is the place to go."

Marilyn Moss Whitten

"I had the nightmare insurance problems and the office staff at Dental Excellence continued to see us NEW patients and helped me thru the horrible insurance process hours on the phone. They were patience, friendly, helpful, and kind. Frustrating for all! It is wonderful with our busy schedule to have my children and myself all going to the same office. Everyone has been welcoming and have gone above and beyond.. as the insurance was saying I was not covered! Great Office!"

Sandy Keith

"I would like to say Thank you to Dr. Mikerin and his wonderful staff for taking care of me and making this visit a great experience! Highly recommend."

Susan Love

"The most amazing dental experience 4 root canals 5 crowns and never any pain I would recommend this place to everybody."

Cindi Lee Cataleno-Calderone

"Dr. Mikerin is very gentle. He even protects your lips from drying."

Jamie Rae Nethery

"Had a cleaning today! Great experience as always!!"

Karen K - September 2013

"I had oral surgery today at Dental Excellence. Very good experience. The doc was finished with the extraction in less than two minutes. They prescribed a sleeping pill to help with the anxiety since they do not do anthesia (cost a lot & you need a special doctor). I chose not to take the sleeping pill and brave the extraction while fully awake. Two shots and I was completely numb with no pain at all. The extraction was done quickly without any pain or discomfort. The Novocain has now worn off and I still have no pain. I would definitely recommend this dentist."

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